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Apr 28, 2023: Congratulations, Maike, on your successful Phd Thesis Defense!

Apr 21, 2023: Check our new preprint on how TRIM71/LIN-41 functions through the miRISC core component TNRC6/GW182 – and a Tweet putting the results in context.

Sep 6, 2022: Congratulations, Stephen, for obtaining an Ambizione Grant from SNSF that will allow you to pursue your project on chromatin dynamics!

Jun 7, 2022: How the C. elegans oscillator ensures size uniformity in animals – Ben’s paper now out here, and a summary at the FMI Website or Ben’s thread on Twitter.

Apr 8, 2022: Three more weeks to apply to our PhD or MD-PhD Program – closing date May 1st. Do apply if you are interested in elucidating the mechanisms of developmental clocks and timers with us!

Mar 8, 2022: A screen that identifies C. elegans clock components – read our preprint at bioRxiv and a thread with the key findings @LabGrosshans

Jan 1, 2022: Farewell to Rajani!

Jul 9, 2021: Identification of a first C. elegans clock component – read our preprint at bioRxiv and a thread with the key findings @LabGrosshans

Jul 9, 2021: Welcome to our new postdoc, Abhi, and farewell to Chiara!

May 4, 2021: We are inviting applications for a position of a technician/research assistant, to work with us on a project studying the function of the RNA-binding protein TRIM71 in mouse embryonic stem cells – see the ad here.

Apr 27, 2021: We are currently seeking to strengthen the bioinformatics support in our lab. Check out the details of the position and how to apply here.

Apr 27, 2021: @LabGrosshans now on Twitter

Apr 13, 2021: A protease that controls small RNA sorting to promote fertility – read Rajani’s paper in Mol Cell (free access till June 2) and a brief summary here.

Mar 26, 2021: Did you ever wonder why individuals of a species are rather uniform in size? An oscillator-based mechanism may be the answer (at least if you are a worm): Check out Ben’s preprint here.

Jan 1st, 2021: Farewell to Milou and Yannick!

Dec 10th, 2020: RNA meets protease – check out the preprint of Rajani’s work on how proteolytic processing controls small RNAs.

Dec 8th, 2020: Our new review on the C. elegans developmental clock now out on CTDB – download for free till January 26th here.

Nov 27th, 2020: Congratulations, Dr. Chiara Azzi, on a successful defense!

Sept 25th, 2020: Applications for position of a Junior Group Leader (Tenure Track) in Multicellular Systems now open at FMI

Sept 10th, 2020: Congratulations, Milou, for winning the Edmond H Fischer Prize for the best PhD Thesis defended at FMI in 2019!

Aug 10th, 2020: Milou’s and Yannick’s paper on the C. elegans oscillator now out in Mol Syst Biol. Check here for a brief summary.

Apr 30th, 2020: Congratulations, Dr. Yannick Hauser, on a successful defense via video conferencing!

Mar 30th, 2020: Chiara’s and Florian’s work on temporal coordination of juvenile-to-adult transition in the worm now out here.

Dec 13th, 2019: Congratulations, Dr. Milou Meeuse, on a successful defense!

Oct 14th, 2019: Welcome to our two new PhD students, Marit and Michaela!

Sept 27th, 2019: If you prefer a linear mode of timing development, look at this preprint of Chiara’s and Florian’s work: how to coordinate events that take place during worm ‘puberty’.

Sept 5th, 2019: Take a peek at our preprint showing how a developmental oscillator starts and arrests.

Sept 2nd, 2019: Welcome to our new PhD student, Saheli!

Aug 5th, 2019: TRIM71/LIN41 function in mammalian cells – see Thomas’s paper and some context and info on our fun collaboration with Alex and the Bühler lab.

Jun 3rd, 2019: Farewell to Jun and Ben!

May 24th, 2019: Welcome to our new postdocs, Foivos and Lucas!

Apr 8th, 2019: Closing date for applications to the International PhD Program of the FMI approaching fast (May 1st) – find details on how to apply here.

Mar 25th, 2019: Our paper on how to control the onset of juvenile-to-adult transition now out – see a summary here and the paper here

Mar 15th, 2019: Welcome to our new undergrad, Andrea!

Jan 9th, 2019: Welcome to our new trainee, Carolin!

Jan 6th, 2019: The paper on timing differentiation into a sexually dimorphic nervous system is now out in eLife along with a preview article.

Dec 19th, 2018: Farewell to Sarah and Giovanna! We wish you a great start in your new positions!

Nov 28th, 2018: Congratulations, Ben, for winning an SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship!

let-7, LIN-41 adulthood

Nov 5th, 2018: How to time initiation of adulthood – read our pre-print.

Oct 1st, 2018: Welcome to our new PhD student Maike!

Pereira, sexual dimorphisms, bioRxiv 2018

Sep 19th, 2018: How to time differentiation into a sexually dimorphic nervous system  – read the pre-print of our fun collaboration with the Hobert lab here.

Aug 31st, 2018: Farewell to Florian! We wish you a good start in your new position at CSL Behring!

Aug 31st, 2018: Farewell to Florian! We wish you a good start in your new position at CSL Behring!

Aug 15th, 2018: Together with the group of Dr. Marc Bühler and in the context of the NCCR RNA & Disease, we have a position in bioinformatics/quantitative biology available – find details and a link to apply online here.

May 29th, 2018: Giovanna’s paper is collecting recommendations on F1000Prime: doi:10.3410/f.733028808.793544522 and doi:10.3410/f.733028808.793546212

May 24th, 2018: Join us for Helge’s public Habilitation lecture (in German!): “Die vierte Dimension: Zeitliche Steuerungsmechanismen in der Entwicklungsbiologie” – tomorrow, Friday, May 25th, 16:15 at FMI.

May 24th, 2018: Welcome to our new postdoc Smita!

LIN41 recognition sites - Kumari 2018

Apr 20th, 2018: Florian’s collaborative work with Rafal Ciosk’s lab reveals an unusual mode of RNA recognition by LIN41/TRIM71 – summarized here and detailed here.

Apr 14th, 2018: Closing date for applications to the International PhD Program of the FMI approaching fast (May 1st) – find details and apply here.

graphical abstract_HG_var (002)_GB_HG

Mar 21st, 2018: Giovanna’s work on miRNA specificity and the effect of miRNA concentrations designated “NAR Breakthrough Article” – now online here. (Thank you, Kathrin, for helping with the graphical abstract!)

Mar 5th, 2018: Shkumatava lab shows that target-directed miRNA decay modulates vertebrate behavior – read our News & Views on this exciting piece of research here.

Jan 5th, 2018: Farewell Takashi! We wish you a smooth start in your new position as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Science, Posnan!

Dec 8th, 2017: FMI makes Novartis and University of Basel no. 1 in world-wide industry-academia research partnerships according to Nature.


Nov 21st, 2017: Take a peek at Giovanna’s manuscript on miRNA specificity – available as a preprint on bioRxiv.

Nov 14th, 2017: Read here about Sarah’s and Takashi’s views on how to achieve a productive wet lab–dry lab collaboration.


Nov 7th, 2017: Closing date for applications to the International PhD Program of the FMI approaching fast (November 20th) – find details here.

Oct 31st, 2017: Congratulations, Giovanna, on defending successfully!

XRN2-image PR.001

Oct 27th, 2017: Congratulations, Takashi and Sarah, on your joint experimental – computational paper on transcription termination (read more here)

Oct 16th, 2017: Welcome to our new PhD student Jana!